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Our Parish will be a vital, caring and welcoming community, living the Gospel of Jesus in word and action.


The Parish Council will:

  1. Provide pastoral leadership.
  2. Represent the parish and reflect the diversity of the parish family, where such diversity is consistent with Gospel values.
  3. Function in ways that recognise the importance of family unity, and
    1. Create strong links to our Parish school communities.
  4. Provide effective and regular communication within the parish.
  5. Communicate and interact with the people of the Diocese, other pastoral councils, Diocesan bodies and the pastoral leadership of the Diocese.
  6. Provide opportunities for the parishioners to participate in parish affairs.
  7. Assist and communicate with the Parish Team, to co-ordinate the activities of the Parish Groups.
  8. Regularly review the work for the Council and parish groups.


  1. YOUTH
    The Parish Pastoral Council will:

    1. Develop ways that encourage youth to participate in parish life.
    2. Encourage all the parish groups to consider the involvement of younger Catholics.
    3. Provide on going support for all parents of the parish in the faith development of their children.
    4. Affirm and demonstrate support for young parishioners in the projects and programes they undertake as members of St Brigids faith community.
    1. Develop ways to encourage a greater awareness of “the new old” in ourcommunity, and to provide ongoing support for their particular spiritual and pastoral needs.
  3. PARISHIONER INVOLVEMENTIn light of increasing parish responsibilities for furthering the work of the church, the Parish Pastoral Council will:
    1. Encourage all parishioners to commit themselves to the functioning of the parish.
    2. Effectively communicate as much as possible with the Parish Team and the parishioners about the inevitable changes taking place.
    3. Support and communicate openly with the Port Stephens Regional Pastoral Council to ensure our Parish is fully prepared and able to implement the Port Stephens Regional Plan.